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Dongguan Noegem Plastic Products Co.,Ltd
antistatic ESD POM Board
antistatic ESD POM Board
antistatic ESD POM Board
  • antistatic ESD POM Board
  • antistatic ESD POM Board
  • antistatic ESD POM Board

antistatic ESD POM Board

    Hình thức thanh toán: T/T
    Incoterm: FOB
    Đặt hàng tối thiểu: 100 Kilogram
    Thời gian giao hàng: 2 Ngày
Liên hệ với bây giờ

Thông tin cơ bản

Mẫu số: POM M6

Loại: Tấm nhựa cứng

Hấp thụ nước: 0,2% ~ 0,4%

Tỷ lệ phần trăm: <0,4%

Sức căng: (51 ~ 80) MPa

Material: POM

Color: White/black/beige/other Color

Remarks: Full Stock

Density: 1.45g/cm3

Hardness - Rockwell: 135

Hardness-Shore D: 85

Friction Coefficient: 0.35

Flammability: UL94-HB

Technics: SGS , Property Data Sheet Are Available

Additional Info

Bao bì: Standard package

Năng suất: 20000kg/day

Thương hiệu: Noegem

Giao thông vận tải: Ocean,Land,Air

Xuất xứ: Dongguan China(Mainland)

Cung cấp khả năng: Strong

Giấy chứng nhận: ISO9001/SGS/ROHS

Mã HS: 3920999090

Hải cảng: Shengzhen

Mô tả sản phẩm

POM Sheet

Antistatic POM Plastic Sheet is one of the engineering plastics which also call Derlin Plastic sheet,acetal plastic sheet,full name Polyoxymethylene(Polyformaldehyde) plastic sheet,Delrin plastic is not resistant to strong alkali and oxidant, and has certain stability to enoic acid and weak acid.The solvent resistance of POM plastic is good, it can be tolerant of hydrocarbons, alcohols, aldehydes, ether, gasoline, lubricating oil and weak base, etc., and can maintain considerable chemical stability at high temperature.Small water absorption, good dimensional stability.

Antistatic POM Plastic Sheet Advantages:

1. Excellent abrasion and creep resistance property;

2. High dimensional and shape stability;

3. Retains toughness under low temperature (-40°C);

4. Resistant to organic solvents; Insoluble under normal temperature;

5. Thermal deformation temperature is close to that of PC, PTFE and nylon;

6. High compressive strength, second only to glass fiber;

7. Good sliding property; wear resistant; non-water absorbent;

Antistatic POM Plastic Sheet Disadvantages:

1. Not resistant to acids, especially to mineral acids;

2. Not resistant to UV;

3. Not self-extinguishing, and thus must be kept away from fire;

4. Not resistant to impact.

Antistatic POM Plastic Sheet Applications:

1. Sliding parts: bearing and lining, roller, conveyor chain;

2. Precision mechanical components: gear, cam, coupler, idler roller;

3. Waterproof components: impeller, pump case, gasket;

4. Electrical parts: guide pulley, spring lock;

5. Fixture, lever, handle, knob and other jig materials.

Antistatic POM Plastic Sheet Production:

1. ESD Pom Plastic Sheet

2. Color : White & Black & Beige & Other customize

3. Size: 6-150mm*625*1250mm

Other customize

Technical Data Sheet

ESD POM Technical data

Derlin Plastic Sheet

POM Plastic SheetPOM Sheet

POM Sheet_POM sheets

Processed semi-finished product

POM Plastic Sheet POM Plastic Sheet

Acceptable lead time (adjustable factory schedule )

Factory controlling quality

Competitive factory price




POM Plastic Sheet

POM Plastic Sheet

POM Sheet_

POM Sheet_

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